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    Created by 56 experts from industry, academia and the government, the eCompendium is a primary source of multidisciplinary HSE content. Presenting both knowledge and understanding, it empowers leadership, inhibits complacency and supports intellectual curiosity among professionals and students of the oil and gas sector.

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    The 10 interdisciplinary sections of the eCompendium provide a holistic and cost-effective HSE learning experience.
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    One of our goals for the eCompendium is to promote sharing and collaboration across the offshore oil and gas industry. Written by experts with different professional and academic backgrounds, this resource provides an open and inclusive HSE culture support tool. All experts are actively encouraged to contribute to updates and further editions.

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    The eCompendium is a dynamic resource which will be updated quarterly. The updates will focus both on revising existing chapters to reflect new technologies, practices and standards and also introducing new chapters to address gaps in knowledge, emerging understanding and innovation.

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    Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive, Oil & Gas UK

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    Angela Seeney,

    Former Director of Technology, Supply Chain and Decommissioning, Oil & Gas Authority

    Neil Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, Subsea UK

    "...held in high regard by the Oil and Gas industry and well used as a reference tool"


    Neil Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, Subsea UK

  • "Encompassing the Future" Content

    Addressing oil price volatility, asset integrity, environmental protection, ageing infrastructure, decommissioning, contemporary offshore policy, standards, regulations, engineering and technical innovation

    Encompassing the Future Volume 1: Policy, Economics, Law & Environment

    Volume 1

    Policy, Economics, Law & Environment

    • Section I: EHS practice based on North Sea experience & future challenges
    • Section II: Economic impacts and outlook to 2040
    • Section III: EHS legislation, regulation and global implications
    • Section IV: Ecosystem impacts and future protection measures
    Encompassing the Future Volume 2: Offshore Field Operations, Subsea Technology & Decommissioning

    Volume 2

    Offshore Field Operations, Subsea Technology & Decommissioning

    • Section V: Technological developments in operations & drilling
    • Section VI: Subsea technology in offshore operations
    • Section VII: Decommissioning: safety and ecological impacts, removal and disposal
    Encompassing the Future Volume 3: Environment, Health and Safety Management

    Volume 3

    Environment, Health and Safety Management

    • Section VIII: Incidents, cause, effects and imperatives
    • Section IX: Offshore risk management
    • Section X: Achieving EHS best practice in corporate management
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