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Lord Cullen, Paul Wheelhouse and Paul Warwick at the publication launch, University of Aberdeen

Services offered by Encompass ICOE Ltd related to the eCompendium Publication

Encompass ICOE is delighted to offer the following services to assist companies in realising the full value of the eCompendium as an ‘Essential Resource”:

1. Workshops demonstrating how the eCompendium can be used to test and enhance EHS-related company understanding by developing and managing focused intra-company inter-discipline debate, e.g.:

  1. How does guidance given in the eCompendium about the importance and delivery of “EHS (HSE) Leadership” compare with company practice? How will outcomes be acted upon? (Consider good news as well as challenges)
  2. What can be learned from the case studies of serious incidents and disasters? Could this happen in our company? If not, why not? If yes, what must be changed? How will that change be realized? How are these findings shared?

2. Guidance on the optimum use of the EHS eCompendium’s multi-disciplinary content, by providing bespoke roadmaps through the 53 chapters, e.g.:

  1. What chapters should lawyers who wish to understand more about decommissioning address? What are the important 3rd party references in these chapters? What enhanced understanding can be expected? And for participants to answer – do internal implications emerge from this work regarding e.g. cross-discipline collaboration?

3. Short courses based on the EHS eCompendium ethos and content, delivered by subject experts and supported by compendium content

  1. Client selects course topics, level and type of delivery – face-to-face or online

4. Technical consultancy related to the EHS eCompendium content, delivered by the experts responsible

5. Design and management of funded research projects addressing important gaps in understanding or capability in the EHS eCompendium identified by participating universities and companies

6. Assistance with the delivery of CSR responsibilities by providing mentored access to the EHS eCompendium by foreign higher education and training institutions. This works immediately wherever there is the combination of an offshore industry and a well-developed university or training system. The objective is to ensure that EHS education and practice are not only of international standards, but also evolve to meet local/regional requirements, making a significant contribution to national standing. The process could include:

  1. Assistance provided by Encompass ICOE in identifying recipient institutions
  2. eCompendium licenses awarded to the institutions by the sponsor
  3. Introduction to the eCompendium and its use provided to the licensees by Encompass ICOE
  4. Mentoring in the use of the eCompendium in specific projects and programmes
  5. Collaborative projects between institutions and industry identified and managed

7. Following discussions, other services as required

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