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A productive alliance between Encompass ICOE and Intrepid

ENCOMPASS ICOE’s eCompendium “Offshore Oil and Gas Operations – Environment, Health and Safety Performance (EHS) Management” is delivered using INTREPID’s digital platform.

ENCOMPASS ICOE’s eCompendium “Offshore Oil and Gas Operations – Environment, Health and Safety Performance (EHS) Management” is delivered using INTREPID’s digital platform. The eCompendium is a good fit with INTREPID’s mission, which is to address the needs of the modern learner, including the provision of easy access to searchable relevant content, further enhanced by the ability to share learning experiences with colleagues. In ENCOMPASS ICOE’s case, the modern learner is the busy oil industry professional or student who needs to master the continually evolving interdisciplinary understanding that underpins effective EHS management. Here’s INTREPID’s post about us.


Tackling Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry


Encompass ICOE’s mission is to expand knowledge for the future of the oil and gas industry, and to break “tunnel vision” and siloed thinking habits in order to create a safer and more productive field. To that end, they created a compendium called Encompassing the Future—a deeply detailed book that provides practitioners, regulators, educators, and students of the offshore oil and gas industry with the principles and practice of environment, health, and safety management. But just a hardcover book, or even a basic eBook, isn’t good enough for the 21st century. In order to really reach and hook their target audience, Encompass ICOE engaged Intrepid by VitalSource to use Discover (formerly branded as Bookshelf®) to turn their basic eBook into something dynamic, interactive, secure, and scalable.


Encompass ICOE spent 7 years working with 56 vanguard experts across 10 disciplines in the oil

and gas field to create 3 volumes, 10 sections, and 53 chapters of contemporary offshore policy, standards, regulations, engineering, and technical innovation. The problem? Getting it into the hands of their target audience in a modern, elegant style that was also secure and matched the robust nature of the material itself.

SOLUTION Partnering with Intrepid by VitalSource, Encompass ICOE took their conventional eBook and turned it into a securely delivered interactive and engaging tool for the oil and gas industry to use in academia, corporations, for continuing professional development, and more. The multi-disciplinary collaboration is now available online and offline for ready use by all who need to know more about environment, health, and safety in the oil and gas industry.

“We have been very pleased working with the Intrepid by VitalSource team, with their responsiveness as well as their platform. We searched high and low for an online product that would satisfy all our needs and nothing else came close.”

Rosemary Otieno, Business Manager, Encompass ICOE

RESULTS Encompass ICOE learners can easily use Intrepid Discover™ (formerly known as Bookshelf):
  • For individual learners to cross-reference across the sections and chapters
  • For interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary working teams in the industry
  • As the ideal vehicle for collaborative activities while studying in academic programs

"We truly have a vision to change how engineers in the oil and gas industry think legally about safety, how lawyers think technically about engineering, and how everyone with increased understanding of the interconnections within a cross- discipline context can think more broadly, work more flexibly, and break that “tunnel vision” which has typified the oil and gas industry for too long—often with detrimental consequences. This digital delivery platform opens up enormous potential and is a very exciting way forward for us and the industry.”

Bill Cairns, CEO, Encompass ICOE

 “Having comprehensive  multi-disciplinary  content  available in one publication combined  with  Discover’s ability to quickly locate and  share  relevant  passages  has  greatly  increased the effectiveness of the learning process for busy individuals and teams. Furthermore, the speed at which VitalSource® can incorporate new content will enable us to extend and keep this publication up to date, creating a trusted source of knowledge for the reader”

 Professor Brian Smart, Director Digital Matters, Encompass ICOE

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